Lembongan Islands Information

In between the islands of Bali and Lombok in the Badung Strait lies 3 smaller islands called Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida.

Just 12 kilometres away from Bali and only 25 minutes by regular fast boat services, the island is surrounded by coral reefs with white sandy beaches and low limestone cliffs, and on the very north of the island, beautiful mangrove forests.

Now renowned as a world famous destination for experienced divers as the strong currents bring the rare sunfish ( Mola Mola ) and resident Manta rays also.

It is also very popular with experienced surfers with 3 world class surf breaks, ‘Shipwrecks‘, ‘Lacerations‘ and ‘Playgrounds‘, all are easily accessible from the bay at Jungutbatu beach.

There are three main tourist areas on the island, Jungut Batu beach, the Ridge and Mushroom Bay, whilst much of the permanent local population resides in Lembongan Village.

Island Promotions and Lembongan Hotels aims to offer the most comprehensive listings of accommodations to suit all visitors on a wide range of budgets. Starting with backpacker Loseman and fan rooms, mid range traditional and modern hotels, luxury beachfront bungalows through to clif top luxury villas.


With so much diving and surfing, there is also a wide range of other activities to fill your time on the island, there is the ‘underground house’ carved by hand over 15 years, a punting trip through the mangroves forest, a seaweed history tour, a geyser like blow hole in the rocky cliffs called ‘The Devil’s tear‘ and many water sports are available at Jungut Batu beach.  

Visit Nusa Ceningan by the famous yellow suspension bridge and birdwatch at the famous ‘Swallow House‘ or visit the tunnels and caves at Goa Karangsari, or discover remote rocky bays with stunning views.

Or charter a local boat to take you to Nusa penida island and see the strange sight of hundreds of concrete dishes that catch rainwater to be stored in huge underground tanks, visit Tanglad with it’s ancient carved throne to the sun god Surya, or go to the local handicrafts market famous for weavings.

To the east, the Lombok Strait separates the three islands from Lombok, and marks the biogeographical division between the fauna of the Indomalayan ecozone and the distinctly different fauna of Australasia. The transition is known as the Wallace Line, named after Alfred Russel Wallace, who first proposed a transition zone between these two major biomes.